Buy Big Chief Carts in Austin

So I live in Southern Cali and go to dispensaries every so often. I just discovered the big chief carts and couldn’t believe how cheap they are for a full gram and the wooden tip is dope. Well I looked on Weedmaps and noticed you can mainly only get them from delivery only ones with no storefront. Then I started researching big chief more and everyone is saying they are fake? Or not good. I found them being sold in a dispensary with an actual storefront with 2k reviews but its a bit of a drive. It has mainly good reviews but the bad reviews are saying they sold them a fake cart. Is it worth the risk?

What’s up, so the deal with big chiefs are that you can purchase “big chief” hardware and can have different suppliers meaning different oil/quality, I too have seen them on WM but never dared to touch them. A couple years back the brand was alright but I don’t know about them now, they released a pod device which failed horribly as well. They’re stupid cheap and honestly you’d be doing better from an unlicensed trusty vendor.

here are some undisputable facts about the brand.

they been licensed since late 2019, they comply to californias testing policies so anything found in a licensed dispo/delivery comes with a certifiable COA.

all distillate is cheap since 99% of all brands use trim to make it, dispos decide prices more than the brand itself thats why BCs are different prices at different locations, same with all other licensed brands.

also I wouldnt necesserily determine an items quality based on price because a lot of times thats how people get fucked over into spending more than they have to.

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